Until now I have transported all my equipment in my backpack. But a pulka has its advantages, as the tour reports demonstrate. At bit deterring was the fact that a good industry-built pulka weighs 7,5 kg already when it is empty, and that can be a problem in airplanes and buses. This is not the only reason why people build their own pulkas from children's sledges. Here are a few pages with self-built pulkas, and maybe I will build one some day. Maybe an inflatable pulka would also be a solution, I saw one in a picture, but I never found a catalogue where you could buy it.

Link: Mark's Pulka
Mark built his pulka while he was preparing for a tour. He has used it in many tours, improved it continuously and even the British television reported about his pages in a travel magazine.

Lasse Lappalainen's Pulka (pictures)
We met Lasse Lappalainen in Kebnekaise Fjällstation. He had built his pulka according to a description in a Finnish magazine, and I found it remarkable. He gave me the friendly permission to take pictures of it.

Link: Wolfgang Reinelt's Pulka
A detailed description in English with pictures.

Link: Johan Lundströms Pulka (in Swedish)
Johan points out that his pulka weighs just 1.6 kg, maybe less than my camera with a tele lens.

Link: Erik Gisslars Pulka (pictures)
Erik has built a pulka that is similar to Mark's. I did not find something written on his homepage, but there are some pictures in the directory:
picture 1 picture 2 picture 3