Wintertime in Kiruna


In the April of 1998 we were back again in Kiruna. This time we stayed only a short while, and in Abisko we began with our ski tour immediately, so I have only a few pictures of railroads and buses for this year.

Kiruna had dense fog, and sometimes we even could not see the ground when we looked down from the hotel.

In the city



The bus to Nikkaluokta departs from Kiruna Railroad Station.

Kiruna Station

Bus Stop

Bus to Nikkluokta

An ore train is heading for Gällivare. A passenger train from Stockholm stops in Kiruna. The train leaves Kiruna for Narvik.

Ore Train

Train Stockholm-Narvik

Train Stockholm-Narvik

Although our time was limited, a visit to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi was mandatory.