Downtown Kiruna, 1997

Wintertime in Kiruna and Abisko


In April 1997 we were back in Kiruna and stayed for a few days, before we went on a Kungsleden ski tour.

On Sunday we visited the "Kirunaspelen" in the Matojärvi stadium, a world cup competition in nordic skiing in several distances. We watched well known stars like Vladimir Smirnow (middle) and Alexej Prokoview, and the 50 km competition was won by Erling Jevne from Norway (#367). The weather was excellent.


Vladimir Smirnow

Erling Jevne

Picturesque houses with the country's most famous mountain range in the background were a contrast to the industrial areas of the city. From half way up to Luossavaara mountain we could see the mountains in a distance of about 70 km very clearly. One of these in the middle picture, according to map and compass, was supposed to be Kebnekaise. After a day of sightseeing and skiing on the prepared tracks, it did not take very long in the evening until we fell asleep.


View to Kebnekaise

Downtown Kiruna

It was windy and snowing when we left Kiruna for Abisko. At the railway station, a "Webtrain" was open for the public on its tour through Sweden. Companies like Sun or Novell had exhibitions in the cars of the train to promote Internet applications in Sweden. We did not have much time, because our train to Abisko soon arrived. Abisko had sunshine again, and we had a perfect view on the Torneträsk lake and Abisko.


Abisko and Torneträsk

Abisko Turiststation

The next day we continued with our skiing trip on Kungsleden. When we were back to Kiruna, a visit to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi was a matter of course.