Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi


We had spent one night in the ice hotel in 1995, and, of course, we wanted to see how this year's ice hotel would look like.

It seemed to be bigger than two years ago, and a tower of ice had been constructed for climbers. Behind the reception desk on the wall was a disk of ice with a "Best Western" logo. The lobby, which we entered from the reception, was spacious and had comfortable armchairs.

Ice Hotel



Carola choose a place near the "open fire" to warm up a bit.We proceeded to the cinema room, where the well known movie about "Mrs. Smilla" was announced. The wodka bar served really cool drinks.


Cinema Entrance


If you visit the ice hotel in one of the next years, it surely will be much different from these pictures here. But you surely will be fascinated.