Länstrafiken bus at Kebnats, March 2001

Länstrafiken Linje 93 Gällivare - Ritsem
A winter tour in the public bus

(March 2001)

A map for orientation is available on a separate page.

A tour with the public bus - that does not sound much like an adventure for us people from Central Europe. When we use a bus, we just want to get from one place to the next as fast as possible. But that may be different in Northern Europe. Our ride from Gällivare to Ritsem at a winter evening in March was so impressive that I wrote these pages about it. In fact, it was more impressive than any other bus ride that we made so far. If you haven't been in the North yet, it may be difficult to understand, but I hope the pictures will help.

Gällivare - Ritsem

In Ritsem

Ritsem - Gällivare

For all those who happened to get on this page while searching for the timetable, or those who are interested in the timetable now, here is the link: Look for line #093 there.