Fiskflyg Base, 1996

With Fiskflyg to Sitasjaure


Between Kebnats and Stora Sjöfallet, just a ten minutes walk from Stora Sjöfallet Tourist Center, the summer base of the Fiskflyg AB is located at the street (see my little map). This company is a cooperative of the Sami people. Fiskflyg AB has seaplanes and a helicopter mainly to provide services for reindeer herding. The name was chosen because they transport fishes from the mountain lakes to the street.

Of course taxi flights are available for prices between 200 and about 1800 Skr depending on the duration of the trip. In the summer of 1996 after our hike in the Sarek we wanted append a little tour from Sitasjaure, so we walked to the base from Stora Sjöfallet and asked for a flight . The man in the office noted "2 turist till Sitasjaure kl. 11" . We were well in time at the plane. The backpacks were stored behind the rear bench, we fastened seatbelts and while the window was still opened we slowly moved out on the lake. After checking the controls, the pilot closed the window and accelerated for takeoff.

Takeoff from Vietas

A moment later we were in the air and looked back to the base and the vacation area.

View to Akka

We flew along the Akkajaure, which had low water in this summer. To the left in the backgound of the picture the Akka massif can be seen, to the opposite, at the right lakeshore, Ritsem Fjellstation is located. Near Vakkotavare we left the street and followed Kungsleden for a while, where we had hiked some years ago.

Landing on Sitasjaure

Fifteen minutes later it was time for the approach to land on the Sitasjaure. The touchdown was very soft, and the pilot steered the plane to the shore.

At the shores of Sitasjaure

We jumped to the land with our hiking boots, while the pilot put on fishermen's trousers. He stepped into the water and gave ous our backpacks.

Takeoff from Sitasjaure

We said goodbye and watched him taking off again, before we shouldered our backpacks and started for a new hike.

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