Prices for Provisions in STF-cabins (1999)

What can you buy in a cabin ? And what are the prices ? Here is an authentical list. As you can see, there may be shortages at the end of the season. A few explanations:

Pilsnerkorv: Canned sausages
Köttbullar: Canned Meatballs
Kycklingsgryta: chicken meat

Singoalla: round cakes with fruit jelly. Better than Ballerina (the same with chocolate), which melt in the summer heat.

Skinkost: Cheese with ham flavor
Rökt renkött: cheese with flavor of smoked reindeer meat

Potatismos: mashed potatoes
Snabb (=quick) makkaroner: Noodles (cook just three minutes)

Snabbchokolad: chocolade drink

Lättöl: light beer (still available)
Öl klass II: medium strong beer (sold out...)