Day Trip to Vaikantjåkkå

A view into Sarek


A little map of this tour is available in a separate window.

On our tour along the Kungsleden, we had been on top of Skierfe and enjoyed the view on the Rapa valley (see Kungsleden III). To see it from a different viewpoint on our way to Kvikkjokk, we left the Kungsleden before going down to Parte shortly after passing the Huornatj and camped about 1 km from the path. From this camp we started a day's hike to the Vaikantjåkkå at the next morning. When we awoke and looked out of the tent, we could not see anything except dense fog. But it cleared up soon. We tried to stay appoximately at the 1000 m-line and went along the Stuor-Takar.

Unna and Stuor Jerta

Looking in western direction, we could see the smaller Unna Jerta in the middle of the picture and the Stuor Jerta to the right. There was no path, but it was easy to walk. At noon we reached the top of the Vaikantjåkkå.


Skierfe from Vaikantjåkkå

Near the top we could now see the Skierfe and the Rapa valley to the east and had a pretty look to the Nammatj, the smaller mountain in the middle of the valley at the left side of the picture.

Rapa Valley from Vaikantjåkkå

Not so spectacular, but still more fascinating, we got a good view into the upper Rapa valley. The two smaller mountains in the foreground at the other side of the river are the Alep and Lulep Spatnek. In the distance to the left we could see part of the Laddepakte behind other mountains. After a rest of half an hour we returned to our tent, which we reached in the late afternoon. The next day we went all the way down to Kvikkjokk (see Kungsleden Saltoluokta - Kvikkjokk)