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Virihaure, Vastenjaure


Padjelantaleden Northern Part, Staloluokta - Sallohaure Bridge,

37 km, 2 ½ days


Carola and me hiked this trail in late June. The section Kvikkjokk - Staloluokta is described in Southern Part.

Helicopter in Staloluokta

Staloluokta has a regular helicopter service to Ritsem and Kvikkjokk at the ends of the Padjelantaleden, so you can do parts of the tour if you like. This old Sikorsky helicopter is out of service now and replaced by a new one, but it performed well at this morning. Many people thought the helicopter would not come because of the storm. But it came exactly in time. At noon the weather improved, and we started our hike to Arasluokta. So far, we had been faster than we had planned. But now we would take our time. We enjoyed good views on the Virihaure lake, the path had some ups and downs, and after 13 km we reached Arasluokta in the late afternoon.


Between Arasluokta and Laddjakk the trail crosses the Miellätno on a suspension bridge. Some of those bridges look spectacular, but they are very safe and easy to cross. Then the trail steadily climbs about 250 m. At the top, we had to pass a flat snowfield of about 2 km length. The weather became sunny, and when we came down to Låddejåkk on the other side of the mountain, it was quite warm.

In Låddejåkk

Låddejåkkå has nice surroundings and we had time to enjoy the area. We took a sunbath on a stone near the water, where the mosquitos did not follow us. Going to Kisuris the next day, we would have the longest hike on the tour with about 24 km. During the evening in the hut, the hikers discussed about the snowbridges that we would have to to use on the trail.

Virihaure, Vastenjaure

From Låddejåkkå the trail climbs at first. We crossed some of the smaller rivers on those snowbridges and had wonderful views again of the lakes and the snow-covered mountains. The Virihaure and Vastenjaure lake are said to be the most beautiful lakes in Lappland.

Sallohaure Bridge

At noon we reached the Sallohaure bridge. It is the most spectacular suspension bridge on the Padjelantaleden and was worth a photo, although our trail did not pass the bridge. From here you have two possibilities to get back to civilization and public transportation. We took the easier and shorter one, which leads to Kisuris and Änonjalme. It is described in Sallohaure - Änonjalme. The longer one, where you have some height difference, crosses the bridge and goes to Kutjaure and Vaisoluokta (see Vaisaluokta - Sallohaure).

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