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Panorama with Akka, Niak and Kisuris

Northern Padjelantaleden, Variation 2
(Vaisaluokta - Kutjaure - Sallohaure Bridge), 25 km, 1 ½ days


At Mat & Mums, Kiruna

In the beginning of August, Carola and me came to Kiruna with plans for a Sarek tour. We would go to Ritsem, take the boat to Vaisaluokta, to warm up we would hike to Kisuris and then to the Ruotesvagge. After the flight at the first day of vacation, we are normally tired and go to bed not too late, but this time it was different. We met Peter, whom so far we knew only from emails and his homepage on the server of the Information Society in Kiruna. After dinner we accompanied him to the restaurant at the Kiruna Camping Place to hear the local rockband "Back4Good". I liked everything they played, but the best song in my opinion was "Knocking on heaven's door" in a kind of "Guns and Roses" interpretation. We returned to the hotel at 2:30, and when we awoke in the morning, we still felt a little bit like "knocking on heavens door". We used the Sunday to recover, visited a market in Jukkasjärvi in the afternoon, bought some food and checked the bus times.

On monday morning we had to leave at 8:10 a.m. to Gällivare and change there to the bus to Ritsem. In the early monday afternoon we arrived in Ritsem.

Akka and Akkajaure from Ritsem

We chose the boat at 6.15 pm to Vaisaluokta, and we could see the boat returning to our side of the Akkajaure long before departure. The STF had inserted a morning boat to the Akka, the mountain at the other side of the lake, to offer an easy access for those who wanted to go to the Akka summit. But the new boat schedule did not allow to come from the Padjelantaleden and reach a bus to Gällivare at the same day. People supposed that this might help filling up Ritsem Fjällstation.

In Vaisoluokta

Carola and me were the only hikers that stayed in the Vaisaluokta cabin for that night. It was very peaceful and quiet in Vaisaluokta, and in the late evening we had a beautiful view on the Akka mountain in the light of the setting sun.

The next morning we hiked to Kutjaure. The paths leads along Akkajaure for about 1 km to Vaisaluokta Sameviste, and for the next three kilometers we had to hike upwards from about 430 m at the lake to 800 m in the highland.

Ascent from Vaisoluokta

We could look back to Akkajaure now and to Ritsem at the other side of tlake. The temperature was 26 C without any clouds, we carried all the food for the next ten days in our backpacks and the warm clothes alsos, and of course we sweated a lot. At least, there was no shortness of fresh water. You can drink it here from all rivers and bigger lakes without any treatment.

Akka, Niak and Kisuris

At the highland, we later got a pretty view of the places that we would reach two days later. The Akka to the left and the Kisuris to the right framed the valley of the Snjuftjutisjåkkå with the Niak mountain in the background. To reach the Ruotesvagge, we would hike into this valley. It did not look very difficult from here. We spent the night in the Kutjaure hut.

Approaching Sallohaure

Not far from Kutjaure in the direction to Sallohaure bridge, we already could see the broad Vuojatätno which connects the Vastenjaure with the Kutjaure and Akkajaure. In this picture the Padjelantaleden between Laddjakk and Kisuris leads along the river at the opposite side.

Bridge at Sallohaure

Three bridges are needed to cross the waters of the Vuojatätno, and this one is the longest and highest of them. We arrived at noontime and continued our hike to Kisuris (Northern Part, Sallohaure - Änonjalme).

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