Northern Padjelantaleden, Variation 1,
(Sallohaure Bridge - Änonjalme), 26 km, 1 ½ days


In late June, we hiked from Kvikkjokk on Padjelantaleden and finished the tour via Kisuris to Änonjalme. This is the easier of the two possibilities that you can chose at Sallohaure bridge, it has no significant height difference.

Near Sallohaure, Akka in background

At the bridge we had about half of the way from Laddjakk to Kisuris behind us. The trail was now very easy for the rest of the day. We were in a very good mood. Everything was perfect except for our feet, which began to hurt.

Near Kutjaure Sameviste

A few kilometers before reaching the Kisuris cabin, you pass the cabins of Kutjaure sameviste, a summer village of the Sami. It is situated at the shore of the lake about 1 km from the trail and the cabins are too small from the distance to be recognized in this picture (picture from 1996). A sign at the trail offers lots of interesting things: smoked fish, accomodation, a sauna, boat transportation and food. I cannot say more about that, because in 1994 we were too early, it was not open yet at the end of June, and in 1996 we had other plans and did not have the time. But I hope it was not the last time that we passed this place.

When we finally reached the Kisuris cabin we were rather tired. Kisuris was near the civilization again, and some people in the cabin just had finished their first day hike and now cooked potatoes, fried a big lax and opened bottles of wine, everything much to heavy to carry along the trail. Tomorrow their backpacks would be lighter. We ate the rest of our freeze dried food, "Bla Bands Sjömannsbiff".

Ambulance helicopter and Akka

In 1996, a German hiker coming out of the Sarek had a hand injury. It was not very severe, but it would have taken two days to reach a hospital on the normal way. The Stugvärd therefore called for a helicopter. According to the injury, we expected a smaller helicopter, but the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter with retractable gear was probably the best ambulance helicopter in northern Sweden, stationed at the hospital in Gällivare. It is probably good to have an insurance in such cases. We have it by membership in the German Alpine Organization, I don't know if our membership in the STF implies such an insurance.

The facilities at Kisuris were improved that summer with a new cabin and better insulation of the old ones against the cold. Kisuris had several four-bed rooms, and it was not so crowded, so we had a room of our own. We met nice people and had interesting chats at that evening. The next day we started for our first tour into the Sarek.

In 1994, the last day of the tour had come now. We had to get up at seven a.m. in Kisuris, a somewhat unusual time for us. We had a hike of 16 km and the boat to Ritsem would leave at about 12:30. So we tried to be faster for the first hours. Later we saw that we were well in time.


We were not far from Änonjalme now. The Vuojatätno, one of Lapplands biggest streams, was an impressive sight. We crossed it on several bridges.

Landing place in Änonjalme

After 10 days in a wilderness area, it looked a bit strange when we saw the sign "Cafe Änonjalme". With fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls we waited for the boat to bring us to the bus station in Ritsem. The boat at noon was cancelled in 1996, there were only boats in the afternoon now without direct bus connection to Gällivare.