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Padjelantaleden is my favourite hiking trail, because it passes a variety of landscapes from forests to alpine regions, touches the most beautiful lake and is a bit further away from civilization than Kungsleden. There are trail descriptions on the German pages, but due to a lack of time, I could not translate them.

General Informations
Short description

Map of Northern Sweden
Map of Padjelantaleden

Boat in Ritsem
Boat in Kvikkjokk

Tour Reports

Southern Part: Kvikkjokk - Staloluokta (1994)
Northern Part: Staloluokta - Sallohaure Bridge (1994)
Northern Part, Variation 1: Sallohaure Bridge - Änonjalme (1994)
Northern Part, Variation 2: Vaisaluokta - Sallohaure Bridge (1995)

Nordkalottleden Kvikkjokk - Pieskehaure - Staloluokta
Part 1: Kvikkjokk - Pieskehaure

Part 2: Pieskehaure - Staddajåkkå - Staloluokta