Tromsö (1997)


In July 1997 we came to Tromsoe after hiking in Finland and Sweden. Tromsoe was just what we needed after the mosquito attacks in the mountains during this summer. I don't remember if there were also mosquitos in Tromsoe, so probably there weren't any. We just wanted to do sightseeing here and relax for a few days.


Tourists as well as inhabitants frequented the streets in this beautiful sunshine.


We enjoyed strolling about the pedestrian zone of the city.


The atmosphere in the restaurants in this city north of the Polar Circle seemed to be more like what you would expect in a southern country.


Or perhaps in a beer garden during summertime in Munich, Bavaria. Just the atmosphere was similar, but the prices were simply norwegian.

We made an organized sightseeing tour in a bus, which included the Tromsoe Museum, the Arctic cathedral and some other touristic places. In the evenings we enjoyed the "nightlife" of Tromsoe, ok, it never got really dark.


We found a pub named "Amtmannens Dottir", a kind of student's pub. I was soon attracted by a computer with Internet access. In Germany the beer would perhaps been cheap and and the Internet expensive, but here in Tromso it was just the other way round.


It was a comfortable place, as you can see, and we spent quite a while. Carola and me wrote a lot of emails and I was happy about the 1.5 kb/s connection with our Unfortunately, none of the mails reached the destination.

We took photos of the "Hurtigruten" ships, the Norwegian coastal line, and we found out that there was combined day trip with bus and ship. We often had planned to do a longer trip on the "Hurtigruten", but we had never been so near. So we signed in at the tourist office for the next day. Follow us on our trip on the next page.