A day trip on Hurtigruten (1997)

 This classical boat design is called "Nordland boat", and I took the photo in the Balsfjord near Tromsoe. Nordland boats were very common in former centuries and have been used along the Norwegian coasts for fishing and freight transports. Nordland boats have been preserved or rebuilt in the last decades.

Today's coastal traffic is managed by "Hurtigruten", the famous coastal liners of Norway. We booked a day trip at the Tromsoe Tourist office, which included a bus tour along the Balsfjord to Finnsnes, from where we returned with the ship.

 At 11.30 we were in Finnsnes, where the "Polarlys" was ready for departure. Just when the ship had left the pier, one more passenger came running. To my astonishment, the ship stopped immediately and very slowly and cautiously moved back.

 The maneuver took about ten minutes until the board could be lowered. In the meantime two bikers had arrived. They were happy to get the ship.

 The tour included a lunch on the ship, and afterwards we looked saround . The entrance hall was imposing.

 The weather was sunny and warm, and so we sat on the deck and enjoyed the sun.

 At about 3 p.m. we reached Tromso again.

 "Kong Harald" is one of the ships that we observed during the following days. If you want to read more about the ships and schedules, try the Website of Hurtigruten.