The concept of Nordkalottleden dates back to the year 1977. The Council of State Secretaries of the Scandinavian countries established a commission to elaborate suggestions for a long-distance hiking trail through northern Scandinavia. After more than ten years, in 1989, the plans were finished and the work could begin. In the year 1993 the trail was inaugurated at Treriksröset, the place, where the borders of the countries Norway, Sweden and Finland have one point in common.

The sign of Nordkalottleden as depicted above shows the colours of the flags of the three countries, which are the colours of Sami handicraft as well, and the form symbolizes a trail, the landscape, and the northern lights.

The trail with a total lenght of 800 km crosses the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland seven times. Although not all countries have decided to join the EC, one can hope that crossing the borders will remain as easy for hikers as it already has been for a long time in the northern countries.

So far about the theory. Read about the practice in Overview.