Links to Public Transportation in Scandinavia

General travel information

Sweden: the Lappland pages of the Smorgasbord
Finland: A collection of links in Travel and Traffic in Northern Finland

Bus travel:

Sweden: Timetables for bus lines to the hiking trails in Northern Sweden has Länstrafiken i Norrbotten. At least part of the bus connections can also be searched in the page of Statens Jernvägen and Länstrafiken (see Railroad). SWEBUS is another server with information on buses in Sweden.

Norway: Infos and Timetables of the NOR-WAY Bussekspress for longer distances. Shorter local lines in the north can be found in the North-Norway-Startpage for Finnmark, Nordland and Troms.

Finland: Finnish Bus Service. There are special pages for the buses in northern Finland and connections to Kilpisjärvi: Lapin Läänin Bussivuorot (in English)


Sweden: the combined home page of Statens Jernvägen and Länstrafiken allows a comfortable search in timetables of railroads and buses. The Inland Railway Line has a home page of its own. The line between Stockholm, Luleå and Narvik is operated by the Tågkompaniet, a private company.

Norway: the Norwegian State Railroad provides timetables. A private server is A WWW railway page for Norway

Finland: the official site is Finnish Railways. A private site is Railway Page for Finland

For connections between Germany and Sweden you can use the server of the German Railroad.

Air Travel:

Sweden: international flights and inland flights are operated by the Scandinavian Airlines Systems. For international flights from Germany to Stockholm you can use Lufthansa at the same prices and conditions since both airlines are members of the "Star Alliance". Inner-Swedish flights are offered by Skyways and many local companies.

Norway: international flights are operated by the SAS as well. The Norwegian airline Braathens SAFE offers flights within Norway and some international flights.

Finland: the Finnish airline Finnair operates international and inland flights.

There are many local companies that offer taxi flights and some that offer scheduled flights. Norrlandsflyg has scheduled flights along Padjelantaleden Kvikkjokk - Staloluokta - Ritsem and Kebnekaise Fjällstation - Nikkaluokta. Lapplandsflyg as well offers flights Kvikkjokk - Staloluokta - Ritsem and between Ammarnäs and Hemavan on Southern Kungsleden.
The Flygtjänst has scheduled flights along the Southern Kungsleden Jäckvik - Adolfström - Ammarnäs - Tärnaby - Kittelfjäll - Saxnäs - Borgafjäll and back twice per week.


Nice relief maps: "Landskapsguiden".

Tourist Information

there is a list of "Tourist Offices in Norrbotten"


the servers of the cities Gällivare, Jokkmokk, Kiruna and Narvik provide local information.