Hints for using frgen.exe

Some of the rocks in Colossal Cave were made with frgen.exe. An input file for frgen (*.fr) contains a few triangles that form an object. The output of frgen is a POV-Ray include file with a fractal subdivision of these triangles.

In order to generate the include-files (which are large) from the (small) frgen-sources, the following is important:

Run frgen under DOS with the command: frgen myfile.fr -d

You get an output file myfile.fr , in which the object, however, is unnamed. And the union of triangles uses too much memory space. So you have to make the following changes manually:

At the beginning at the output file myfile.inc, replace

#declare myfile = mesh {

At the end, delete the line texture...

The include file is ready then. This description assumes that the name of the object in the POV-Ray source is identical with the name of the *.fr - file.