Train schedule

downwards in
northern direction

(X = stop an demand)


dep. 16.15




17.00 - 17.20





Varjisträsk *
17.50 - 18.00






19.42 - 19.52


20.03 - 20.05
(our destination)


20.10 - 20.30



21.24 - 21.34



© Kurt Bangert und Carola Bläsing-Bangert

Sunday, August 8 1999

After yesterday's steam train trip we continue our journey to the north with the railbus from Arvidsjaur. It is a few minutes late, but the coffee break is not shortened. We are looking for our reserved seats. This time, we are in the more modern car. But the seats are not in the direction of travel, and we would like that better. Most of the seats are reserved, in part for a German group. There is no possibility to change in this car.

We check the second, older car with the classic red color. It had been reserved completely for a group, but they just got off in Arvidsjaur, and it is empty now. We move with our luggage. I am pleased that I can can watch the driver at work from our new seats. Some other Germans from a group have followed us, but to my surprise, they come to the conclusion that this car is not modern enough, and so they go back. So only we, a Swedish and a German couple stay in the car, and like yesterday, we have lots of space.


The railbus departs, and soon we are in Moskosel again, the destination of yesterday's steam train trip. There is still a demand of coffee, so people can go to the coffee bar, and to the little exhibition that informs about the years of railroad construction. A Two-man - Band plays rock music with nordic themes, and we could well stay here for a nice evening. But it is time to board the train.

Piteälven bridge

A special entertainment is waiting for us: the railbus stops at the bridge across Piteälv, the travellers can get out and walk across the bridge. The railbus follows slowly.

The landscape of northern Sweden passes by. Today, there is not much time to be lost in thought, because the train stops frequently at interesting places. Now we are in Varjisträsk. This station is marked with an asterisk in the schedule. We read: *= train stops for swimming, if the weather is appropriate. In fact, two of the passengers take a bath in the lake. That might be refreshing in the heat of the summer, but today, at the end of summer, it is probably more than refreshing...

We pass through Maitum, and now it is not far to the Polar Circle.

At the Polar Circle

Of course, everybody has to stand in front of the sign once. The cameras are clicking. The train is late now, and the staff asks to board the train rapidly. About ten years ago, Carola and me stood in front of a Polar Circle sign at the Stockholm -Kiruna Railroad Line, for the first time.

Tunnel near Jokkmokk

Now it is time to pack our luggage together and bring it to the exit. We are ready, but now I hear an announcement that we will drive through the only tunnel of the Inland Railway Line. I have to hurry to get to the front for a picture.

A short while later we reach Jokkmokk, our destination. We get out here to go on a hiking tour. We went 646 kilometers since Östersund. There was time to relax, and there was a lot to see and to do.

The railbus continues for 100 more kilometers to Gällivare, which he will probably reach in time at 10 p.m.