Like many other railroads in the world, the Inland Railway Line was threatened to be closed down in recent years. Thanks to the efforts of many people, it was possible to keep passenger traffic at least during main tourist season in summertime. The number of passengers went down from 31000 in the year of 1994 to 15000 in 1996. After that, there was a positive development again, and in 1999 about 23000 travellers used the line. "Västerbottens Kuriren" reported that two broadcastings of a travel magazine in Swedish TV were the main reason that the numbers were increasing.

The Inland Railway Line ist not the fastest way to travel to the north of Sweden, but probably the most relaxing and entertaining one, if you come from the south. The railbus stops at many places where you can see, do, learn, eat or buy something, and the whole trip from Mora in the south to Gällivare in the north takes two days. The distance between Mora and Östersund is 321 km, and the railbus needs six hours for this section at the first day . There are 746 more kilometers to go from Östersund to Gällivare, and that takes 14 hours and 22 minutes on the second day. It is faster to go with the bus line "Inlandsexpressen", which operates in Sommer and Winter between the same towns, but does only necessary stops on the way. It needs 11 hours and 15 Minutes for Östersund - Gällivare.

During winter time there are only freight trains, but no passenger traffic. One might hope that operations are extended in coming years. Every traveller that uses the railway line will help it to survive. I hope that will find my report from the year 1999 interesting, and perhaps you will try it yourself some day.

For railfans, there are steam trains during summer season. They are operated by a club, but you can get informations on the homepage of the railway line.

Link: Homepage of Inland Railway Line