Kebnekaise Fjällstation


Kebnekaise is Sweden's highest mountain with a height of 2117 m. The mountain region is very beautiful already from the distance, although Kebnekaise in the right part of this picture is obscured by clouds.

 The STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation is situated at the foot of the mountains and is one of the biggest STF stations with about 400 beds. During winter the supplies for the station can be transported with snowmobiles, but in summertime one has to hike or use the helicopter.

 It was strong wind at this day from the Ladtjovagge to the right, and we observed the flights. When the helicopter had taken off, it moved in a curve and seemed to get additional speed very rapidly from the wind.

 But since we like to fly, but never had been in a helicopter, we chose it in 1996 to get back to Nikkaluokta. According to the short distance, the flight was not so expensive.

Inside the helicopter, to my surprise, we did not have any feelings about the acceleration forces, the flight was very smooth, and the pilot did not seem to have any stress at all.

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