Waikamoi Ridge Trail

(November 1998)

There is no other trail with such an easy access to a Maui rainforest like Waikamoi Ridge Trail. It is not a hike, rather a stroll through the forest. It takes about half an hour to walk the main loop, and therefore you should not miss it. The trailhead is at a small parking lot a few hundred yards after mile marker 9 when coming from Kahului. So you can well do it without driving very far on Hana Highway. There were no signs, but there is no other parking lot at this place.

Two loops lead through a rainforest, and the trail is kept in very good condition. There were no signs at all, but there was no other place behind mile marker nine, where one could park a car.
After an ascent of a few yards we passed a small picnic area that was not visible from the parking lot.

Eucalyptus tree, ferns, bamboo, Kukui tree and many others formed a dense forest. Rain is common in a rainforest, and this day was no exception.

From this viewpoint we overlooked the opposite slope, which was covered by a wonderful bamboo forest. A little piece of Hana Highway is visible in the upper left corner of the picture at left. After about 15 min we reached another picnic area with a shelter and fireplace. There is a sign "End of Trail", but a forest road continues, and people told us that there is a waterfall not far away.

It is an easy walk on the forest road back to the car. A big machine stood at the roadside, overgrown by trees.

The time that you will need for this loop depends mainly on the time that you spend at the different interesting spots, and in which order you walk the loops.