Lahaina - Touristic Places

Just like the whalers in former times, the tourists of today are here to have fun. But today, habits are more peaceful than during the times of the seamen.

The promenade for pedestrians and drivers is Front Street, which leads along the shore and where many of the shops and restaurants have been established.

Although you walk along modern shops, you well can imagine how it might have looked here around 1900 or earlier.

The Kishi Building is among the older ones. The right pictures shows the Hard Rock Cafe.

There are interesting places outside of Front Street. In the center of Lahaina Shopping Mall is Hale Kaheku, a small museum with historic Hawaiian buildings. There you can visit a free Hula performance in traditional style, which we found interesting.

Hilo Hattie is one of the shops in the Lahaina Mall, and they offer souveniers of all kinds for tourist.