After King Kamehameha I had united the Hawaiian Islands, he chose Lahaina as the capital of the Kingdom. In the year 1845 King Kamehameha III moved to Honolulu.

At different times, Lahaina was dominated by Hawaiians, Whalers, Missionaries and Sugar Cane Workers. Many historic buildings are restored. Today, Lahaina is dominated by tourists, but it is unique in its atmosphere. On the following pages I have collected pictures of some important places.

 Historic Places  Touristic Places
 Buddhistic Temples  Evening in Lahaina


The Hoonapiilani Highway oder Highway 30 leads along Lahaina at the western side of the city.

At the northern end of the city is a bigger shopping mall and the station of the Sugar Cane Train. The largest buddhistic temple, Jodo Mission, is north of the city center as well.

Most of the historic places are located in the center near Front Street, which leads along the shoreline. You also find restaurants and shops in this area.

The very center of Lahaina has a size of less than half a square mile, and so it is a nice walking tour to explore all the places. You can get free maps in many places, and thus it is no problem to locate the historic buildings. It is difficult to say how much time such a tour will take. We have been there more than once, and I found it tempting to exctend the stroll and stay for the evening. But if you are in a hurry, you can as well see the most important places in two hours.