Buddhistic Temples


The buddhistic religion was brought to Maui by immigrants from Asia. They mostly worked in the sugar platations. The biggest temple is Jodo Mission at the northern end of the city. The upper picture with the pagoda and Buddha statue was taken in the temple area. The plantation workers had built a small temple already hundred years ago. The buildings that you see today are much younger, however.

The statue of Buddha was brought to this place in 1968, and it is said to be the largest outside of Japan.

The poem on the table was impressive by its simplicity.

In the center of the city, not far from Front Street, is the building of Shingon Mission. Shingon Buddhismus is among the oldest sects of Buddhism. The main temple of Shingon Buddhism is in Koya-san south of Osaka.

Wo Hing Temple is an institution of chinese origin and was a meeting place for the chinese community.