Lahaina - Historic Places

The following pictures show some places of historic Lahaina. They are all situated near the center and can be visited during a walk through the city. I have sorted them by age.

Brick Palace

This is the place where the Brick Palace once was built by two former prisoners from Australia (1798). They made the bricks out of the local red lime and built this house for King Kamehameha I. His wife, however, preferred a conventional building covered with palm fronds.

Baldwin Home

The Reverend Dwight Baldwin Home (1834) was the home of an physician, who had come to Hawaii as a missionary. He also made the first experiments with pineapple farming and is regarded as the founder of the pineapple industry.

U.S. Seamen's Hospital

Several hundred ships per year visited the port of Lahaina, and many of the sick seamen were left back. Finally the United States acquired this building, which tehen served as a hospital since1844.

Banyan Tree

This Banyan Tree was planted in 1873 and covers a considerable part of a city park.

Pioneer Inn

The Pioneer Inn (1901) was the first hotel on Hawaii and remained the only one until 1950. The remarkable story tells that Mr. George Freeland, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pursued a criminal to Maui, stayed her and built the hotel.

Brigg Carthaginian

In years between 1800 and 1900 the sailing ships dominated the scene, the brig Carthaginian was brought to Maui around 1970. But, she looks like she had been here for a hundred years.