Hasegawa General Store, Hana, Maui


Stores are part of the culture of a country, and especially this one here in Hana.The Hasegawa General Store is mentioned in almost any book on Maui, and it is probably the most famous shop, since it was theme of a song (George Paoa Trio Live, Hula Records1992):

"Upon the island of Maui, far away from Waikiki,
there is a place called Hana that is heavenly,
and when you go there, you got to see
the Hasegawa General Store"

It is a generally known fact that the General Store offers practically everything what you could need. "You just name it - they have it there - in the Hasegawa General Store", it says in the song. As we had been attacked by mosquitos on a parking lot at road to Hana, we thought it would be a good idea to get a repellent for our hike. And we got it, with a combined sun protection - exactly what we needed.

The store burnt down at August 15, 1990. As you can read in the newspapers pinned to the entrance door, the gas station was also destroyed, and fuel had to be provided by a tanker truck for a while. But soon the store and the gas station were reconstructed.

"So if you're ever in Hana with some time to spend..." (line from the song mentioned above).